The Ashes are a trophy earned in what sport?

The Question:  The Ashes are a trophy earned in what sport?


The Ashes is a big deal in cricket: It’s the trophy given to the winning team in the huge international match between England and Australia. Oddly, the trophy looks like a tiny urn — which it is. The strange trophy’s heritage goes back to the 1880s, when Australia’s cricket team defeated England on the latter’s hallowed home cricket grounds. Britain’s The Sporting Times lamented the loss with a tongue-in-cheek article that reported English cricket’s untimely “death.” The Sporting Times proposed that English cricket be cremated and its ashes sent to rest in Australia. The article made a lasting impression on the teams involved, and the Australians cooked up a cheeky trophy to commemorate the occasion. They burned bails (the posts used on a cricket infield) to ash and put it in a tiny urn, which was presented to the captain of the touring English team in Australia. Thus, the Ashes were born.

Answer: The correct answer is Cricket.

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