I Had 3 Dollars Riddle Answer

Question: I had $3.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much did I have?

Solution: The correct answer is 8 dollars. In the event that you read the inquiry cautiously, the inquiry posed about your first cash with “what amount of cash Did I truly have?”.

The cash you had is 10 dollars. That is before your folks and family members gave you extra cash.

Notwithstanding, given that the rationale and season of the strained is previously, it is sheltered to accept that the inquiry relates to the cash you had initially before you got outer cash from another person.

Thusly, you had 3 dollars and another 5 dollars initially with you, which summarizes to 8 dollars.