Merylin and Andrew had a very loving dog

Riddle: Merylin and Andrew had a very loving dog, Zabi. Zabi barked at everyone except his owners.
This angered his neighbors and guests who came over. This led to frequent quarrels between the neighbours and Andrew.

One day a man passing his house heard a scream and a gun shot and he called the police immediately.

Andrew was murdered.

The neighbors, the primary suspects, stated that the fights weren’t a strong enough motive to kill Andrew.
His wife states that she wasn’t home the entire day.
Who do you think is the killer?

Answer: It must be the wife! The man passing by did not hear any barking, so it cannot have been the neighbors! or

His wife because the dog was barking at everyone except he and his wife. Hence on that day she must be in home and killed him. cuz except his wife nobody a

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