If I Had 4 Eggs My Rabbit Lays 4 Eggs Riddle

Riddle: If I had 4 eggs My rabbit lays 4 eggs A thief gives me 3 eggs My farm rooster lays 5 eggs How many eggs do I have?

Answer:  The answer to the If I Had 4 Eggs My Rabbit Lays 4 Eggs riddle is 3 eggs.

The riddle says IfI had 4 eggs but this is a scenario only, and it’s a hypothetical
situation. Therefore you did not have any eggs in the first place
Thereafter, the rabbit lays 4 eggs but that is impossible. So still you have o eggs. Then the thief gave you 3 eggs.

Afterward, the farm rooster laid 5 more eggs but as we know fact that the farm rooster is male in gender and they do not lay eggs.
So, you have o eggs here. Therefore, the final calculation is O+0+3+0=3

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