A Rich Man Needs Riddle

Riddle: A rich man needs ___. a poor man has ___, if u eat ___ u will die…if u die u can take ______ with u

Answer: The correct answer is nothing.

‘Nothing’ is the 7-letter word that suits well in all four blanks to complete the sentences.

The completed sentence will be – “A rich man needs nothing. A poor man has nothing. If u eat nothing, u die and if u die u can take nothing with u”.

What Is The First Thing You Open Riddle Answer Fridge

Riddle: A pregnant woman goes out of her room goes to the fridge opens a can of tuna, soda, yogurt and a cookie. What did she open first?

Answer: This is where it can be a trick question in multiple cases.

It doesn’t say she’s asleep, so a person can’t say her eyes… It also doesn’t state the door to the room was closed, so it technically shouldn’t be the bedroom door. It also doesn’t state she even opened the refrigerator, just that she went TO the fridge,

so it technically shouldn’t be the fridge door either. So if we are running with TECHNICALITY, it states that she DOES, however, open a can of tuna first so with the information given, the can of Tuna would be the correct answer.

But in this case, most will argue the Fridge door or the Bedroom door being the answer given.

A Man Dies Of Old Age At 25 Riddle

Riddle: A man dies of old age on his 25th birthday. How is this possible?

Answer: The correct answer is 100.

He was born on Feb. 29. This means that he had a birthday every 4 years, so he is 25×4=100 years! or;

They had born on February 29 (a leap year). So when he had celebrated his 25th birthday he is actually 25×4=100 years old!

An Ex Police Officer Lost His House Riddle Answer

Riddle: An ex-policeman lost his house, his car, his girlfriend. What did he lose first?

This riddle has been around for some time on internet platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and many people still argue over what the answer might be, as there are many possibilities.

The answer to the An Ex-Police Officer Lost His House riddle is a first, he lost his activity.

Given: An ex-police officer lost his home, vehicle, and sweetheart. Given inquiry is a puzzle that is intriguing. Insights are given in the question.

In the inquiry, it’s given that he’s an ex-police officer. It implies he previously lost his employment. “Ex” is utilized to show that somebody is no longer in that circumstance. Here, Ex-cop means he’s done filling in as police.

First, he lost his employment, at that point he lost his home, vehicle lastly he lost his sweetheart.

You are sleeping and you are hungry riddle

Riddle. You are sleeping and you are hungry, and you only have butter, cheese, and bologna in the fridge. What is the first thing you will open?

Answer: None of them. The first thing you will open is your eyes. Since the first phase of the riddle states that you are sleeping.

So, you would open your eyes first before anything else.

Then you would open your room’s door, and finally the fridge’s door. After all these, you can reach the edible item that you want to eat.