Answer: Where is the world’s highest-altitude railway tunnel?

The Question: Where is the world’s highest-altitude railway tunnel?


High up in the Tibetan Plateau is the world’s highest-altitude rail tunnel, the Fenghuoshan Tunnel. A crucial part of the Qinghao-Lhasa railroad, the tunnel is situated at 16,092 feet above sea level and cuts through the Himalayan foothills. The tunnel is nearly one mile long, and it takes around a minute for trains to pass through it. The tunnel’s Chinese name roughly translates to “Wind Volcano Tunnel”, which highlights the brutal weather at such altitude: Fenghuoshan is so high, it was constructed in permafrost conditions, with oxygen levels approximately half of that at sea level. Thankfully, your train will be warm and toasty, so you’ll breathe easy.

The correct answer is China.

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