Answer: What road did John Steinbeck call the “Mother Road”?

The Question: What road did John Steinbeck call the “Mother Road”?

Pacific Coast Highway
Route 66
Blue Ridge Parkway
Lincoln Highway

In John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” he refers to Route 66 as the “Mother Road,” which guided those fleeing Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl to California. The now-legendary road, featured in many songs and films, owes its origins to Cyrus Avery of Oklahoma. He saw the need for a road to connect large chunks of the Midwest to Chicago and Los Angeles. By the 1930s, Route 66 became a destination in its own right, lined with restaurants and camping spots. As the interstate system was developed, modern highways took over and large segments of Route 66 fell into disrepair. Parts are now preserved as historic and Route 66 still retains a strong sense of national nostalgia.

The correct answer is Route 66.

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