Anne was found dead in the central park of London

Rİddle: Anne was found dead in the central park of London.
There are six suspects “hazard”, “Costa”, “Pedro”, “Willian”, “Terry” and “courtois”.

Anne has written the murdered name in cipher on the floor as “dqvxf”.
Police were unable to solve the mystery so they called John.
After a minute, John was able to decipher the cipher and ask the police to capture the murderer.
Who is the murderer?

Answer: Either the murderer was John or she killed herself.. who makes up riddles in the face of death.. that’s highly unlikely


COSTA. Very clever cipher! To solve it, go back each letter in the alphabet, increasing the distance as you go. So “D” becomes “C”—one letter back; “Q” becomes “O”—two letters back (P, O); “V” becomes “S”—three letters back (U, T, S); and so on!

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