4.1 1 describe two ways how social media platforms are abused

The Question:  Describe two ways how social media platforms are abused.

Answer: Social Media puts you down in their status updates. It sends you unwanted, explicit pictures and demands you send some in return. Also, it reassures you to send explicit videos and steals or insists on being given your passwords. Distribution of fake news and propaganda against a community of minorities.

Sends or forces you to send unwanted pictures or videos. Xenophobia is a fear of strangers. This is fear of people who are not like us. There are conflicts between the thoughts of people who belong to different nations. Social media is a platform that is used to abuse people and spread xenophobia.
There can be a group hacking your personal pictures and then asking you for ransom to give them back to u. There can be a discussion regarding a community and everyone just abuses them based on fake news.

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